Rx International Specialty Pharmacy Services provides medication for inbound and outbound international patients seeking medical treatment in the United States. We offer Free Local Delivery of prescription medication, medical supplies, and home health care for patients in the USA and assist in their continual care upon return to their home country.

Individual patient prescriptions from outside of the United States

Our pharmacy license allows us to fill prescriptions for individual patients in countries where medication they may need is not available.

Using multiple suppliers, we can provide the vast majority of drugs available in the US.

Because of the significant expense of many of the new drugs approved in the US, many pharmaceutical companies prefer to provide drugs in the US through specialty distributors thus preventing access to these drugs for export. In many, but not all, cases the pharmaceutical companies have made arrangements with overseas companies to provide those drugs to countries where they are not available. Rx International will assist our clients in sourcing those medications.

Drug Ordering Procedures

Rx International provides United States Food and Drug Administration approved medicines (prescription and over-the counter)* to individuals, physicians, clinics, and hospitals around the world.

*We do not provide narcotics or sedatives.

Our Procedure is as Follows

You may request a price for a specific drug by email at , You can call us at 305-221-1421 or fax us a price quote at 305-221-3275
You will receive a firm quote exclusive of shipping costs for your consideration. The shipping costs will depend on your location and the delivery methods which are available.

If you agree to the price and wish to order from us you can have:

Your physician fax a prescription to us at 305-221-3275

You may copy the order form found in this web site and take it to your physician for completion and fax back to us.

Note: We must have either credit card information, receipt of a money order, or the completion of a bank transfer before we can ship the drug. We accept all major credit cards We will be pleased to contact your physician for a new prescription or your local pharmacy to arrange a transfer of your prescription to us. Please e-mail us with the appropriate information if you wish to exercise either of those options.

Upon receipt of payment, the order will be completed within 48 hours. We cannot be responsible for knowing all aspects of the taxes and duties which may be applied in the country to which you are traveling. In some cases, duties and taxes may be as much as 75% of the total value of medication. It is common for a V.A.T. to be levied. Those costs are the responsibility of the consignee. We will facilitate al the necessary documentation for customs.

We provide free Local Delivery.

Sales are final and may not be returned for credit.

To our knowledge virtually every country has a mechanism to allow the import of medication for personal use (named patient basis). Most countries require a prescription from a physician. No drugs classified in the U.S.A. can be shipped to individual patients outside the U.S.A

It is against the law for drugs to be returned to the United States once they have left this country. Thus, once an order has been placed the medication cannot be returned for refund for any reason.

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