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Rx International

On call Pharmacy Service

You can reach us day or night 7 days a week. Our clinicians are here to help you. From providing clinical drug information, to expediting the dispensing and delivery of urgent medications and everything in between, our professional staff will service you with the high level of care you demand.

Benefit Verification and Explanation

Our team of experts will verify patient insurance coverage and responsibility. A response is communicated to referral source. If we are not in network, we will let referral source know which pharmacy can service the patient.

Financial Assistance Research and Enrollment

Our Social Workers will find programs that help people who can't afford medications and healthcare costs. At Rx International Pharmacy we offer a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs.

Patient Assistance Programs  are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine.

Financial Assistance Foundations  ranges from manufacturer copay assistance to independent 501(c)(3) organization grants.

"Free" Confidential Same Day Delivery

Getting medications shouldn’t be stressful.  We offer“FREE”Local Shipping & Delivery. Your medication will be delivered to your home, your doctor's office, or an alternate site to ensure that it is preserved until you are ready to take your prescription. Rx International Pharmacy makes every effort to package your medication for easy use and handling. Your shipment includes necessary supplies such as syringes, needles, sterile dressings, alcohol pads, and Sharps containers.

Refill Reminder and Compliance Calls

A week prior to your refill, a Rx International Pharmacy representative will call you to schedule your delivery. The representative will confirm that you are still taking the medication, that your doctor had not changed your medication, and that you are not experiencing unmanageable side effects

We serve ALF and Adult Day Care

AtRx International Pharmacy We value our community Assisted Living Facility (ALF) staff as well as facility residents and their families.
1. We offer a depth of knowledge that helps staff meet the range of compliance requirements placed on ALFs for medication administration management. 
2. Families can continue using Rx International Pharmacy when care needs change and a family member moves into an ALF. We are a flexible pharmacy provider that can even move with you through changing medication needs and varying levels of care within an ALF.
We offer a streamlined approach for families, allowing them to avoid paying outside nursing services to manage/deliver medications.
4. We offer free delivery to ALF and Adult Day Care facilities nationwide.

Medicine on Bingo and Blister Packing

Medication timing confusion can be one of the largest barriers to medication compliance and therefore optimal health. With our Bingo and Blister Packs, we customize your oral solid medications into packaging organized by time of day and day of the week, taking the worry out of when or which pill to take.

Prescription Compounding and Pediatric Formulations

There are times a prescription is not manufactured in a form a customer needs. For customers who cannot swallow pills, for example, we can formulate medication to a liquid form. This service typically is not available at chain pharmacies. Customized compounded formulations are especially popular in the areas of Bio-identical Hormones, Veterinarian Services, Pain Management, Transplant Services, and Pediatric Dosages.

Nutritional Supplies

Rx International Pharmacyprovides enteral nutrition (EN) supplies and support. Our highly quality team deliver a complete line of supplies to patients who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.

Patient Consultations

We provide consultation appointments for patients. Such consultation appointments include:

1. The medication’s trade name, generic name, common synonym, or other descriptive name(s) and, when appropriate, its therapeutic class and efficacy.
2. The medication’s use and expected benefits and action. This may include whether the medication is intended to cure a disease, eliminate or reduce symptoms, arrest or slow the disease process, or prevent the disease or a symptom.
3. The medication’s expected onset of action and what to do if the action does not occur.
4. The medication’s route, dosage form, dosage, and administration schedule (including duration of therapy).
5. Directions for preparing and using or administering the medication. This may include adaptation to fit patients’ lifestyles or work environments.
6. Action to be taken in case of a missed dose.

7. Precautions to be observed during the medication’s use or administration and the medication’s potential risks in relation to benefits. For injectable medications and administration devices, concern about latex allergy may be discussed.
8. Potential common and severe adverse effects that may occur, actions to prevent or minimize their occurrence, and actions to take if they occur, including notifying the prescriber, pharmacist, or other health care provider.
9. Techniques for self-monitoring of the pharmacotherapy.

10. Potential drug–drug (including nonprescription), drug–food, and drug–disease interactions or contraindications.
11. The medication’s relationships to radiologic and laboratory procedures (e.g., timing of doses and potential interferences with interpretation of results).
12. Prescription refill authorizations and the process for obtaining refills.
13. Instructions for 24-hour access to a pharmacist.
14. Proper storage of the medication.
15. Proper disposal of contaminated or discontinued medications and used administration devices.
16. Any other information unique to an individual patient or medication